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Natural Cellular Defense, Zeolite drops (clinoptilolite) 

Click on thumbnail for larger view of "Manifest Experience" by Phil Warren. It was done as a result of listening to music at a workshop and then expressing the experience visually.

There are some papers created using MS Word 2000. If you can not open them in a reasonably usable form you can obtain Microsoft's free Word viewer to do so.

Several of the documents on this website are in Portable Document Format (pdf). You'll need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer. It's FREE to download


CD for purchase: The Bridge between East and West.  A 52 minute presentation by Janet Nestor and Phillip Warren at the Energy Kinesiology Association Conference, Baltimore, MD, April 2004.

REB Research/Theory Papers

  • The Self Help version of the clinical REB protocol, while seemingly simple, can be quite powerful. It should only be used for relatively uncomplicated issues.  It is NOT a subsitute for professional help. If you suspect or know you have bipolar disorder or have serious trauma in your past and if you have any concerns about your case and the appropriateness of usage of this procedure, consult your therapist and use in conjunction with their guidance. The clinical protocol involves many more sophisticated interventions for professional use.



  • Below are 4 articles on Cleve Backster pioneering research-discovery on "Primary Perception." The original discovery was in early 1966 where he found that plants could register a GSR type response to threat. This level of communication has been extended to the cellular level. See his book: Primary Perception: Biocommunication with plants, living foods, and human cells available at
  1.  Evidence of a Primary Perception In Plant Life
  2.  A day in the lab of Cleve Backster
  3.  Biocommunications Capability- Human Donors and In Vitro  Leukocytes
  4.  Communication Between Man and Plants (translated from Russian)

 This article points to a broader and more inclusive framework for science:

  1. World Hypotheses and the Evolution of Integrative Medicine
For articles on using rhythm, sound and music for life improvement, click HERE

For papers by and about Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) click here

Workshop Papers for Purchase

Papers on nutrition and the importance of pH balance (using diet, bicarbonate of soda, hydrogen peroxide - H2O2)

Beverly Rubik, trained as a biophysicist, is a leading spokesperson for research in consciousness studies, subtle energies, and alternative and complementary medicine, frontier areas that challenge the dominant biomedical paradigm. The following are some seminal articles by and about Beverly Rubik

This section contains information on extreme scientific resistance to frontier science and new thinking, corruption of science and scientists and pathological and pseudo skepticism. First, read "An overview of the problem of impediments to scientific integrity." Then, for a recent dramatic but depressing example of this problem in sensory psychophysiology, read "Chandler Burr's Author's Note from The Emperor of Scent."

Many people still have the hallucinatory image of scientists and academicians as noble and courageous knights bravely riding white steeds of reason and wielding the weapons of methodology and self correction to cut down superstition, error, fear and suppression so that beautiful truth may shine forth to enlighten us. Should the reader have this image he need only contact the information in this section.  Click HERE for these articles.

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