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The Radiant Energies Balance(REB)sm is a psychotherapeutic protocol that incorporates many ingredients or aspects taken from mainstream psychotherapy, trauma therapy, psychophysiology and adds the body's energy system to produce an integrated and comprehensive approach. This 47 page paper provides a detailed description of the ways that the REBsm protocol incorporates the "active ingredients" into a unified whole.

Active ingredients analysis of the REBsm protocol, March 2006 draft

Bibliography REBsm Papers

REBsm philosophy, theory and research background
This paper is very much in process.  It is a resource document and consists of a collection of articles and excerpts, written by others and myself, on a variety of topics related to energy/information psychology. You can select those areas to read and print out those that interest you since the content is quite varied. The extensive quotations used are indicated by " " in the text.

 The following documents are separate sections of the main longer (350 page) paper titled REB philosophy, theory and research background. This format makes the information much more accessible

1,2,3 History of REB development.pdf

6. Summary of the advantages of the REB energy-information system balancing protocol.pdf

7. The dynamic holonomic energy-information model of bodymind functioning.pdf

8. Some modern western 'hard science' research on the'new' paradigm.pdf

9. Some history of the concept of how the brainbody functions and the current paradigm battle.pdf

10. Some history of the current paradigm battle - The dark side of current scientific orthodoxy.pdf

11. Some assumptions of orthodox western psychology.pdf

12. William Teller's model of 'how it all fits together'.pdf

13.1&.2 Quantum theory interpretations of the functioning of the nervous system and implications for energy-information therapies.pdf

13.3. Larry LaShan's elucidation of the concept of reality and types of existence.pdf

13.5.1. David Bohm and the Implicate Order.pdf

13.5.2 W.A. Tiller's 11 dimensional theory and research model.pdf

13.6. The revolution in biological science and implications for science and spirituality M-W Ho.pdf

13.7. Quantum holography.pdf

13.8.1&.2 The interface between environment, information, organism and the emergence of mind.pdf

13.8.3. Insight into cellular 'consciousness' of Bruce Lipton.pdf

13.9. Assembling gap junctions hemichannels, Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT), and acupuncture.pdf

13.10. The body as liquid crystals and quantum holographic body.pdf

14. Becker's discovery of the dual (analog and digital) nervous system & glia cells.pdf

15. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) - New approaches to its balance and functioning, HRV, HeartMath, Poly Vagal.pdf

16.1&.2&.3 Efficient treatment for the residuals of trauma (PTSD), Levine, ogden & Minton.pdf

16.4. Judith Swack's structure of loss and violence trauma imprints.pdf

16.5. & .6 Client-coach-'healper' touching (physical contact), touching, tapping, rubbing, moving.pdf

16.7. Energy medicine model of Oschman.pdf

16.8. The cerebellum and information processing.pdf .

17.1 &.2&.3&.4 Deep diaphragmatic breathing through the nose.pdf

17.5. Overbreathing- Its effects and what you can do about it.pdf

17.6. Breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).pdf

17.7. Unilateral Forced Nostril Breathing (UFNB).pdf

18. Eye and head positions and movements, and eye blinking.pdf

19. Accessing the brain hemispheres.pdf

20.1&.2 The role of the radiant circuits (strange flows, curious meridians) and the concept of chi.pdf

20.3.&.4&.5 Donna Eden's description of the meridian emotions and affirmations, radiant circuits, triple warmer.pdf

21.1&2 The Radiant Energies Balance (REB)sm as a transformative and therapeutic mudra-asana.pdf

21.3&.4&.5&.6&.7 Movement practices - Qi Gong and Tai Chi, EudK, Peak Performance, Sentics, Tensegrity.pdf

22. The relationships between the energy-information channels and centers and Energy anatomy of chakras.pdf

23.1&.2&.3&.4 The transpersonal perspective as a context for the energy information approaches.pdf

23.5. Brief description of some of the potential states of consciousness.pdf

23.6. The developmental spectrum of consciousness, psychopathology, and therapy..pdf

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