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Natural Cellular Defense, Zeolite drops (clinoptilolite) clinical effects

To see a collection of research papers in peer reviewed journals on zeolite click here

Natural Cellular Defense, purified colloidal zeolite drops, will help to detoxify your body in such a way that there is no damage or compromise to the kidneys at all; it will help boost your immune system, and the product will balance your pH, not because itís going to alkalize the body. It balances the pH because it chelates out of your system all of the acid that rendered you acidic that takes up hydrogen in your body. Because the zeolite is the only negatively charged mineral in the world and has a physical makeup similar to a sponge or a honeycomb and has caverns and tunnels, it will absorb into itself anything with a positive charge that is the right shape or configuration. Heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungus, mold, viral particles Ė all of those sorts of things are enfolded within the zeolite molecule and excreted through the kidneys. Because it renders a balanced pH in time, the big organisms that are too large to be enfolded by the zeolite (things like candida, parasites, bacteria) are handed an unfriendly environment in which to live, so they donít flourish.


To find out more about Natural Cellular Defense, a new breakthrough in nutrition technology which excels in it's ability to remove heavy metals and toxins from our bodies go to: or contact Phillip W. Warren at: Phone and voice mail: (604) 946-4919.


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General Information and Overviews of NCD

Natural Cellular Defence (zeolite drops) exhibits the following actions News Target
 Natural Cellular Defense Summary
News Target's Natural Cellular Defense and zeolite
A Short Introduction to Natural Cellular Defense
 The Anti Aging market and health facts

Science and Research of NCD

Dr. Gabriel Cousens' study shows that Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from the body.
Science and Research of NCD Deitsch April 2006
Science and Research of NCD Deitsch December 2005
 Dr. Deitsch Natural Cellular Defence scientific monograph & patent
John Zenk, MD., the prevalence and effects of toxicity in our environment and lives-April 2006

A collection of some amazing personal experience with NCD

Disclaimer: The following testimonials are not meant to diagnose or prescribe. We are not making any inferences or direct claims that anyone else will have these same results. These amazing personal testimonials are given from unique personal and individual experiences, and are not meant to make a claim in anybody else's circumstances. Every one will have their own story depending on their unique and individual circumstances.

A 36 page collection of personal experiences and recommendations for the use of NCD


Real scary!! Thus I created The 5 Ps


Polluted Children, Toxic Nation: A report on pollution in Canadian families
Disease forming toxic waste dumps-in your MOUTH!
Information on the history of how we have been deceived (with the cooperation of the government) by commercial interests in health and food, from Randall Fitzgerald, author of "The hundred year lie."
Doctors Speak on Killer Toxins
 Dr. Lyn Hanshew, environmental medicine, on use of NCD for detox
Dr. Lyn Hanshew interview 2 on use of NCD for detox April 3, 2006
 Natural Cellular Defence and Umbilical Cord Toxins
 Toxicity Article by Jeff Morris
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) complete 2005 report on pollutants (Body Burden) in newborn babies, 83pp
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) complete 2003 report on pollutants (Body Burden) in adults, 83pp
 Report on pollution in Canadian bodies Toxic Nation
Internet Toxicity sources


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