A summary of the scientific research about the effects of ElectroPollution on living organisms

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By Dr. George Carlo of the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) http://www.safewireless.org/ 2007 March 15
The principal mission of the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) is not to engage in scientific debate per se but rather to offer immediate practical solutions to the problem of electro-hypersensitivity.

The three major bands of the electromagnetic spectrum

1. - Lower part of the spectrum: ELFs - the mechanism of harm is a direct magnetic effect. There is believed to be a threshold below which there is no ill effect suffered.

2. - Higher part of the spectrum: ionising radiation – the mechanism of harm is a breakage of chemical bonds due to the high energy carried by the wave (e.g., MicroWave ovens). There is also believed to be a threshold below which there is no harm (since we are all naturally exposed to cosmic radiation of this type and have evolved to withstand it).

3. - The mid range window in between these two: Radio Frequency (RF) radiation: a simple unmodulated wave in this part of the spectrum is not able to cause harm since it’s not recognized by biological tissue. Only when modulated to carry information are these waves recognized and acted upon by cells.

The mechanism of the impact of EMF on the organism:

1. Information carrying Radio Frequency (RF) waves trigger the protein vibrational receptors on the cell membrane. These receptors recognize the information as an enemy of the cell (a foreign invader) which leads to a series of biochemical reactions within 30 seconds of the trigger.

2. Cell membranes become less permeable; they shut the receptor "doors" to this foreign signal. This leads to a loss of communication between cells.

3. Nutrients cannot get in and waste cannot get out. Free radical levels within the cell rise. This causes specific types of damage to occur inside the cell.

4. The increased free-radical concentration leads to both disruption of DNA repair (creating micronuclei) and mitochondrial dysfunction (the power stations of the cell malfunction), leading in turn to complete malfunctioning of the cell.

5. The next time such a compromised cell undergoes cell division (mitosis), the compromised DNA is replicated. The new cells will always react as if under stress even if the original stressor is no longer present. This could be one basis for the triggering of ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) syndrome.

6. When cells undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death, which is nature’s way to eliminate damaged cells), the micronuclei formed from the disrupted DNA repair are released into nutrient rich interstitial (intracellular) fluid and they are free to clone and proliferate -- that is the most likely cancer mechanism.

7. Specific damage occurs to proteins on the cell membrane -- the effect is that intercellular communication is compromised. Cells can't talk to each other and that damages tissue, organ and organism function. Overall, almost all of the acute and chronic symptoms seen in ElectroHyperSensitive patients can be explained in some part by disrupted intercellular communication.

8. These mechanisms explain the wide scope of problems we observe following EMR exposure -- from learning and sleep disorders to birth defects and cancer. The interventive effect occurs at the cellular level, but it is manifested at the tissue, organ and organism levels.

There is no threshold below which these effects do not occur.

Solutions recommended by the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI):

Based on the above information, the SWI is proposing the following interventions, following the Public Health Paradigm:

1. Primary intervention: Eliminate exposure by shielding, avoiding exposure where possible and by using technologies that act to prevent the cell membrane protective response from being inappropriately triggered. These act on the "cause" of the problems and include headsets, especially air tube sets, and active and passive noise noise field technologies.

2. Secondary intervention: Support the exposed biological system by using technologies that act to restore intercellular communication and thus ameliorate the "effects" of the exposure to EMR. These are most effective in conjunction with primary interventions and include subtle energy technologies, diodes, and some pendants.

3. Tertiary intervention: Reverse ill effects by using technologies that act to rehabilitate and correct cell damage. These work only in conjunction with primary and secondary intervention technologies and include nutritionals, anti-oxidants and repair supplements.

BioPro Technology offers a comprehensive, multi level solution to all of this EM pollution in our system and environment.
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Noise Field Technology

The term Noise Field comes originally from audio where a special processorin headphones would record the environmental (ambient) noise and create a wave form that would neutralize this noise thus allowing the signal through. This was especially useful when listening to music or movies on planes. In the electro magnetic field the technology records the incoming signal and creates a neutralizing one which protects the person from the harmful waves.

The famous cell phone bee studies

In 2006 there was great speculation about the causes for Bee Colony Collapse Syndrome. One hypothesis was the impact of electromagnetic waves. These papers were the source for this.

The 2007 BioInitiative Report:

 For anyone who says the evidence of the dangers of wireless and general electrical technology is inconclusive, point them to this document. It's a detailed and rigorous compilation from many international researches into the issue. BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF). Posted 2007 Sep. 18. Complete report is 610 pages!

If you don't want to read all 610 pages of it, start with the documents posted here: a 28 page "Summary for the public", a 16 page "Summary of conclusions of each researcher's report" and a 28 page "Key points of scientific evidence and Public Health Policy Recommendations". The complete report is available at http://www.bioinitiative.org/report/index.htm where you can either look at each section separately or get the whole ball of wax in one big file (3.1 MB)"

Some general information on electro pollution.

These documents are from a variety of sources, some technical and some for the layman. There is the classic 1982 book by Becker and Andrew A. Marino plus many other sources.

Andrew A. Marino is a pioneer in this field of research and describes his experiences circa 1998 with the "powers that be" in these two documents.


These two papers describe some of the problems with regulators similar to what Marino encountered in his research.


Articles specifically on cell phones

These documents are from a variety of sources, some technical and some for the layman


These four recent (2007) papers provide a good overview about the current issues of health problems from exposure to wireless technology which is almost everywhere in our lives. Protect your self and your loved ones, please!


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