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The Radiant Energies Balance (REB)sm Protocol is a unique and powerful blend of the most powerful somatic/body centered and energy/information psychotherapeutic methods in a compact and integrated package. It is truely a comprehensive, flexible therapeutic and transformative protocol.

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The 5 Ps: Personal Pollution Protection and Prevention Programs 

(The major sources of pollution)

Since 2006 February I have been researching the problems created by our toxic world. I have discovered the following programs as being among the best and most comprehensive available. I urge you to learn about the problems and the available solutions and ACT upon your knowledge your your sake and those of your loved ones.

For CHEMICAL TOXINS, the steps on the road to health are: REMOVE the body’s toxic load from toxins so prevalent in our world today and which cause so many problems (NCD-Natural Cellular Defense, a purified liquid zeolite - clinoptilolite - is the ideal solution). REPLENISH the body’s needed nutrients so that your body can do its job effectively and become and stay healthy (Essential Daily Nutrients is an easy solution). RESTORE the body’s natural state of well being and intra- and inter- cellular communication systems (Healthy Aging Formula and Advanced Antioxidant Formula are easy solutions). These Waoria products provide interventions for each of these aspects. For information see For information on this website click here.  Check out the large collection of the results that individuals have experienced using Waiora products involving a wide range of conditions; many personal experiences (testimonials) dealing with many conditions including testimonials on NCD and the mushroom extract pure Agaricus Blazei hybrid H1X1 strains of AgariGold, especially cancer in combination with NCD. Plus the power drink Essential Daily Nutrients as well as other Waiora products. Available at website "The Gift of Health: Personal Stories of Renewed Vitality":

For ELECTROMAGNETIC, RADIO FREQUENCY AND MICROWAVE TOXINS: A PRIMARY intervention is necessary to minimize exposure to this dangerous toxin. A SECONDARY intervention will restore the biofield (our body's natural energetic field) to its maximum strength by facilitating restoration of proper intercellular communication. The TERTIARY intervention involves nutritional and lifestyle approaches that accelerate the speed at which the body can recover and repair compromised cellular function and create healthy cells. All aspects of these three-tiered approaches are necessary to combat this modern plague. BioPro Technologies products provide comprehensive interventions for each of these levels. For information see For information on this website click here.

Phillip W. Warren, B.A., Ph.C., Professor Emeritus (psychology and music)

Certified instructor: Self Help for Pain, Stress and Learning Blocks; Stress Release; Certified practitioner: Emotional Freedom Techniques (CC EFT);Healing From the Body Level Up Level I (HBLU); One Brain; and other Energy Kinesiologies.
APOEC (Associate Practitioner of Operant Effectual Counseling).
Developer of the Radiant Energies Balance Protocol.
Past President of Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiologies (CanASK)

4459 52A St., Delta, B.C., V4K 2Y3 Canada
United States Mailing Address: Post Office Box 1595, Point Roberts, WA 98281-1595
Home Phone and Voice Mail: (604) 946-4919.  Please use this number only for contact

In addition to the Radiant Energies Balance (REB)sm, this website also will have information on other approaches for using your body's energy system for personal betterment (the Emotional Freedom Processes or EFPs)sm, as well as other papers on a variety of topics. The Radiant Energies Balance (REB)sm papers will be upgraded periodically so watch for the new versions. Most papers are free for downloading and printing. Some of the course materials which contain instructions on how to perform the EFPsm and REBsm processess will cost a bit.

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