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Organizations and journals which critique the mainstream approaches and report research in non-mainstream topics
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The website containing "The Journal of Non-Locailty and Remote mental Interactions" is set up "as an open venture between scientists, scholars, meditators and all those who believe that we are approaching a conceptual threshold in our understanding of how physics, physiology and consciousness interact."

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) and its journal publish will researched and peer reviewed articles on energy medicine topics.

The Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) is a non-profit organization, founded 30 years ago by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, to study the potentials and powers of consciousness after he had a spiritual epiphany looking at the Earth floating freely as he returned on Apollo 14 from the moon. It's journal is widely respected.

The Institute of Science in Society a very credible and scientific UK organization which provides a watchdog function on the current corruption of science by business and multinational corporations. It questions much of mainstream biomedical research.

Mailing address for The Institute of Science in Society: P.O. Box 32097 London, NW1 OXR Phone:  44-020-7380-0908

The Society for Scientific Exploration and its journal publish well researched and peer reviewed articles on topics forbidden in the mainstream journals.

Tana Dineen (a therapist living in Victoria, BC) wrote the book, Manufacturing Victims: What the psychology industry is doing to people (Rober Davies Pub), which has upset the many traditionalists (to say the least). Her website keeps their feet to the fire.

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